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    November Hacks from the Past roundup

    By thomas | November 19, 2008

    Hacks from the Past is a series of posts that I will do monthly that will go over past hacks so that new readers don’t have to bother digging through the archives.

    Here are November’s Hacks from the Past:

    1. Learn Kanji with your Nintendo DS – Here is a review of a Kanji learning Nintendo DS game I did. It’s addictive and it’s still on the shelves. Check it out!
    2. Find Cheese in Japan #2 – several more options for finding cheese in Japan. Must read for cheese lovers.
    3. Learn Japanese with Google – How to use google search to help you with Japanese. Google images can give you 100s of pictures of your unknown words, and you can use plain old search to find millions of example sentences.
    4. Faster Miso Soup Trick – a little trick to dissolve that miso faster. With pictures!
    5. How to win at UFO Catcher – Learn how to win stuffed animals at UFO Catcher. Actually, this is just a link to a great tofugu article. Check it out from the original source.

    That’s it! If you have any tips, send them in and you could appear in next year’s November Hacks from the Past.

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