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    Save On Cleaning Products Revisited – Buy House Brands

    By thomas | October 6, 2007

    Reader Ken Y-N of What Japan Thinks writes in with a great tip for saving on cleaning products. Buy house brands:

    Another tip for saving on Bath Magiclean is to find an equivalent own-brand, but for that one you have to check that the — whatever the active ingredient is — is the right percentage, as the lower percentage products are pretty useless. Magiclean has 8% or 9% on the label, so get an own-brand with 8%; the 4% stuff doesn’t cut it. We buy – what do we buy? I forget, but it’s from Konan and about 85 yen a bottle. Even though we don’t have a car, we go once every two months or so to the nearest DIY/Home Centre superstore and fill up two or three big trolleys-worth of household stuff, and even with the trains and 800 yen delivery cost we save money (and time, of course!) over the local stores.

    Shampoo and body soap, etc, also comes in refills so you don’t have to keep buying the pump-action bottles.

    The word you want to look for on the back of the bottle is kaimen kasseizai (界面活性剤 [かいめんかっせいざい]), which means “active ingredient”.
    Active Ingredient in Japanese

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    One Response to “Save On Cleaning Products Revisited – Buy House Brands”

    1. h Says:
      November 5th, 2008 at 6:02 am

      界面活性剤 should mean surfactant… according to wikipedia.

      i aint so sure too, but go and hv a look.