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    Find A Place To Stay In Japan With Gaijin House Japan

    By thomas | July 3, 2008

    Travelling in Japan? Want to save money on lodging? Why not try a guesthouse? Gaijin House Japan can hook you up.  Jason from Gaijin House Japan sent along this information about their site and I think it will be useful to many readers.  Check it out.


    Gaijin House Japan is, at its heart, a guide to guest houses – shared houses or apartment buildings where travelers and locals live together, sharing the facilities. Living in a guest house is a great way to start out in Japan as it is a wonderful opportunity for networking.

    Renting an apartment in Japan for the first time can cost as much as 6 times the first month’s rent! By comparison, guest houses are a much better deal. With only a small deposit and no extra fees, they provide safe, clean, affordable accommodation while searching for an apartment or on a short term stay. They come equipped with kitchen facilities, Internet access and laundry facilities, and each room is usually furnished with a small fridge, TV and a futon or bed. Since the actual features and overall quality of each guest house can vary enormously, however, a resource like Gaijin House Japan can make the difference between a successful and a miserable stay in Japan.

    Gaijin House Japan’s main feature is a continually updated series of articles on every guest house across the length and breadth of Japan. We allow travelers to comment on the guest houses they have stayed in, thus providing an “in person” view of Japanese guest houses – the good, the bad, and the dirty!

    What Gaijin House Japan also does is give the smaller guest houses a chance for exposure. It seems when you search for a guest house, you always see the same ones showing up, usually big corporate ones with high advertising budgets. Gaijin House Japan was created to show what is really out there, giving equal time to large corporate guest houses as well as small family-owned “hidden gems”.

    Features of Gaijin House Japan include:

    For so-called “Gaijin”, Japan can be an intimidating place to visit, let alone live. Cultural norms, rules & regulations, even the common functions of everyday life can be confusing at least to visitors who seek to make a good impression in their jobs, at school and in society. By providing a guide to guest houses across Japan, Gaijin House offers newcomers a way to quickly establish a comfortable home base from which they may learn about Japan from others in similar situations.


    Established in early 2008 by the creators of, Gaijin House’s mission is to organize the bewildering number and variety of guest houses catering to foreigners in Japan into a single, easy to access website. The site also acts as a “virtual guest house” in itself, providing an invaluable resource for newcomers to Japan who use the site as both a news & information source, vacation travelogue and services directory.

    The company’s website is

    Check them out!

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