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    More Places To Find Christmas Trees In Japan

    By thomas | December 15, 2007

    In response to my last post about finding a Christmas tree in Japan, some readers wrote in and shared their own Xmas tree tips.

    User PK has a great tip:

    On the American military bases they have full size trees shipped in. Sometimes you can find someone who will hook you up.

    Pure genius if you happen to live near a military base.

    User toratora has a hilarious solution – dig a tree out of the forest:

    friends and I simply went out into the woods and dug up on of the little fellers out there…. we always have Christmas together so was an easy fix with one for us all… dug her up and wraped it in burlap to ease in replanting and now we have one every year….till it gets too big to dig out that is….helps being in Hokkaido though i think….

    Just watch out for the bears.

    Natalie writes in with a great deal. People in the Chiba area take note:

    Ikea in Chiba has real trees for 1990yen. They are about 130cm tall and if you return them by Jan 14, you will receive a credit for the same amount. So the tree is FREE! You will need to buy a stand for a mere 490yen.
    They leave a wonderful smell in the house!

    According to Rob, Costco is an option:

    Costco’s got ‘em. Down in Fukuoka leastways. They were sold outta the artificial ones last weekend but they still had Japanese sized real ones.

    There’s only a little more than a week left until Christmas. Let’s get those trees up!

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