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    Newspaper hacks

    By thomas | April 9, 2009

    Kind reader Viljami Nykänen sent me this:

    Hi Thomas,

    I’m not sure if you can actually put these up on your site as they are from a Japan Times article, but here goes anyway.

    Article link:

    The last 3-4 paragraphs (cut-and-pasted below) contain some interesting hacks..

    “For example, you’d be surprised at some of things that can be done with furushimbun (古新聞, old newspaper pages). They can be used as detergent-free window wipes. Newsprint contains glycerine and other oils great for getting rid of dust and grime. It also works wonders in preserving vegetables. Next time you want to save the end of your daikon, wrap it up in a copy of The Japan Times and it will last 10 days or more.

    The older generation of Japanese like to fold the morning’s newspaper into small, portable trash containers and distribute them all over the house. These are used to deposit tissues, candy wrappers and fruit peelings ― all the more oshare (お洒落, chic) if the print happens to be in English!

    Oh, and how about the water left over from washing the rice? Called togijiru (研ぎ汁), it’s great as a hand salve, and it also works as an eco-friendly fertilizer on household plants. A solution made up of togijiru and baking powder is extremely effective for cleaning metal surfaces and air-conditioner filters. Ieyasu himself liked to heat up togijiru to drink when he wasn’t feeling well, and he frowned upon expensive medication.”

    In case you missed the link above, you read the whole Japan Times article here: Japan Times article

    Thanks a lot Viljami!

    If you have any hacks, send them in!

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    3 Responses to “Newspaper hacks”

    1. peter Says:
      April 9th, 2009 at 1:17 pm

      The first two paragraphs you quoted sound like a desperate attempt to get you to buy more newspapers. I know the newspaper industry has fallen on hard times, but are they so desperate that they need to sell you on the other uses for a newspaper?

    2. Rick Says:
      May 20th, 2009 at 7:34 pm

      Very interesting because I just mailed a box of stuff to my friend in Japan. There was some extra space in the box and I asked him if there was anything else he might want. Of all things, he asked me for old newspapers. I was thinking what does he want with old newspapers because he doesn’t read English!?!? I believe we may soon see some of these English paper baskets around his house…

    3. Julia Says:
      November 23rd, 2009 at 5:35 pm

      Another good use for old newspaper is to stuff them into damp shoes. The paper helps with drying and prevents the shoe from stinking.