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    Free Japanese Classes at

    By thomas | December 7, 2008

    Koichi from tofugu sends in this awesome tip:

    How’ve you been doing lately? This is Koichi from Tofugu. Thank you for adding me to the “Hacks from the Past” roundup :) I’ve been enjoying the furigana extension from Open Office as well – I think I’ll do a writeup on that (with source, of course~)

    Anyways, I’ve got a minor novel for you, here :P

    Right now, working at (a website that does live learning via webcam…super slick), and I wanted to tell you about something that I thought could be interesting for your readers. Of course, that’s something you would have to decide on your own :)

    eduFire is ramping up to a subscription program for it’s Japanese classes section. This would mean that for a certain amount of money each month (we’re estimating $30-$40, but this hasn’t been decided yet), users can attend as many group lessons as they want, with up to 99 students per class. I’ve taught a few lessons, and they’re so much fun, but people learn a lot too.

    For the next month or so, though, the Japanese teachers who have signed up for our site are teaching Japanese Classes, and eduFire is paying them, which means all the Japanese classes are 100% free for students. There are currently 39 classes available, many of which repeat (so there’s really a ton more than that).

    I also wrote an article about it, here:
    39 Free Japanese Courses You Should Sign Up For

    Well, that’s my spiel. Of course, it’s totally up to you as to whether you think your readers might find it interesting. I think it’s a ridiculously good deal, and am sooo excited.

    Just to clarify, eduFire classes are live with the teacher via webcam, i.e. these aren’t prerecorded lessons that sit on the web for years collecting dust. You’ll be one-on-one (or group-on-one) with a teacher who will give you individual (or group) attention. It looks like there are 39 different Japanese classes available and you can attend as many as you want for free for the next month or so. Can’t beat that price!

    Thanks koichi!

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    One Response to “Free Japanese Classes at”

    1. koichi Says:
      December 7th, 2008 at 6:12 pm

      Thank YOU. :)