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    Happy New Year and

    By thomas | January 3, 2008

    Happy New Year everyone! The holidays were quite fun over here. My son Noah had his first Christmas and his first Hatsumode (初詣) visit to the shrine. Noah learned how to grab things recently and he put that new technique to good use on Christmas: opening presents! He’d grab a short wing of folded and taped wrapping paper and then his mother or I would spin the present, tearing the paper. He lost interest after about 3 presents, but it was good practice! Check out the candy cane outfit.


    For New Years I made a resolution to lose weight. It’s actually a continuation from last year. Back in July I weighed 230 lbs (104.3 kg) and was able to get down to about 216 (about 98 kg) by August. Then my son was born in September and I stopped exercising. Since then I’ve maintained my weight, but I want to continue on until I reach my goals of 205 lbs and then 192 lbs.

    My older brother Kenny has also been trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle and he challenged me to a weight loss competition. Who can lose the most weight by April 1st? I accepted his challenge and we started a blog to document our progress. The blog is called Two overweight brothers. Only one can be the Weight Loss Challenge Champion. If you’d like to follow our competition or read about our weight loss journey, check it out.

    Two Fat Brothers logo

    That’s all. I hope everyone had a nice winter vacation!

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